DIY: How To: Use ABS For Drift Tyres

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  1. Hello, I have recently put ABS on my TT-01. It drifts very far and well, and I want to share my way of putting it on.

    First, you should get uncut ABS piping. You can get it really cheap at Home Depot or Lowe's.

    Then, you ask the people at the Plumbing section (or wherever they cut them) to cut the pipe to 1 1/4 inches. I got my cuts for free (8 tires in all =D)

    Then, you get your rims without the rubber on them.

    After that, you wrap weather strip around the middle of the rim (ONLY 1 LAYER!)

    Then, you get your cut ABS and push it on the rims that have the 1 layer on stripping on it. It will probably be a tight fit. But, leave a bit of the ABS sticking out so you can glue a little bit of Krazy Glue around the inner edges of the ABS. Thats it! If you want your ABS to look like real tires, you can sand down the cut part of the ABS.

    Hope this helped! Happy Drifting! =D
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    Using weather stripping is a good idea. My friends, put electric tape on the rim, to get a snug fit.
  3. thank you for this..ivastly simplifies the process for me, im not even does.
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    Scratch the electric tape idea. Doesn't work very well. Also, you gotta put a lot, to get a good fit.
  5. gotta work better than maskin tape...thats what im stuck usin fer now