Disneyland Railroad O Gauge?

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    I've got the O Gauge Polar Express set with quite a bit of track. Does anyone know if there is a Disneyland Railroad set in O Gauge that would also run on the same track? If not, what are best options for a Disneyland Railroad set to setup along side the Polar Express?

    This is all I've found so far:

    LGB 72350 Disneyland Starter Set, unfortunately it is G guage and pricey! Looks the most impressive though.

    Lionel Disney Christmas Set - O gauge but not a replica of the Disneyland park train. Boo hoo.

    Lionel World of Disney Set - Again, just a general Disney train, not a replica of the Disneyland park train.

    There's a Lionel Disneyland 35th Anniversary released in 1990 but it is only the engine. (Pictured here Mouse Extra )

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Last few times I was at Disney World, they had trains in G and HO; none in O. These were painted more-or-less as at Disney, but the models were all a bit out (some more than a bit). There's another problem in that the Disney railroads are narrow gauge. The only Lionel bit that looks like a source is the General set (but don't let the collectors know I said that).

    Look for the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society which is the fan group for Disney trains.