Diorama movement co-ordination

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    I hope this is the right place to ask such questions but if not the Mods should feel free to move\delate. Ok, lets get to the point.

    I was given a commision to make a Christmas show diorama (you know, a crib in a shed with the holy family with mules and donkeys around it, the Three Kings, shepherds etc.). As far as the modelling and constructing part goes I' quite confident that I can handle it. I did a lot of terrain building for wargames, miniature displays and railroad dioramas and gathered a lot o experience in the process. The problems started when my customer requested that the whole diorama should be story driven. The whole things starts with the sun rising, there are people working over the fields, a horse wagon goes by and so on, then the sun sets, christmas star rises, the shepherds and Three Kings appear and everthing ends with a lot of lights flashing. I have no idea how should I co-ordinate the whole thing or even what sort of engines should I use for the moving parts. I assumed that if railway dioramas have some sort of control device that allows the co-ordination of several simultaneous actions I could try to adapt that kind of stuff to my diorama. I would appreciate any kind of information or advice you could give on what should I look for.