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  1. flex

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    how would the car handle if i locked the front diff? and kept the rear snug?
  2. johntc4drift

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    locking the front diff would enable the front tires to lose traction quicker............sounds good except we want to keep traction(to an extent in the front wheels to steer.... with the back snugged and the front locked your car would preform opposite of most drift cars...you would lose control of the front first and maintain more control in the rear.....i'm not saying it would be impossible to drift this way it would require alot more braking/throttle control and more precise steering......your better locking the rear and snugging the front diff........
  3. jareb

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    Locking the diffs at both ends are okay if your using pvc for tires. But if your using rubber or yokomo drift tires, You still want a little diff action in the front end. It will make turn in easier and prevent you from understeering. I just run the front a little tight and the rear slightly more. You should look into changing shock fluid weights and spring rates more then the diff anyways. Youll get better results just by changing the front to a softer spring. Also camber plays a huge role in setup. I recommend about 1.5 degrees camber in the front and 1.5 to 3 degrees in the rear. Caution!!! running camber more than 1.5 degrees on any tire will shorten tire life considerably. I like drifting with pvc or abs for the most part and run .5 degrees camber all around with them and change the caster angle to the most upright position. But thats a nitro car and they weigh a little more. Just keep experimenting and take notes on what a change in setup does versus the setup before a change.