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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by loenf, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Ok...i will shut up and listen very carefully :)

    i would love to see a detailed building report..that would make building easy..
    And it's fun to read.

    And Zathros, please don't talk so scary about disney shutting down star wars papercraft...
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    I think I am a little confused and interested in some clarifications. When loenf said he recolored and vectorized the model I read that to mean he created a new vector graphic in Adobe Illustrator or the likes and did nothing to modify ninjatoes orginal unfolded 3D model. Basically a new skin. If this is the case I would not want someone reskinning one of my models and not giving me credit for actually designing the 3D model and unfolding it. I know all my kits explicitly state that they cannot be modified without my express permission for this reason. In this scenario I think Loenf did the right thing and I am glad ninjatoes was cool with it.

    Now this may not be whats happening here and if Loenf actually started from scratch and built this from 3D model to texture then I would agree he does not need to ask Ninjatoes, but that was not the impression I got from the original post.

    Not trying to stir up trouble, I just want to make sure I understand the view of this board before I post my models.
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    Hi, I was just given the model a new colour, textures and clean lines, because Ninjatoes designed the whole model not at the computer, he used pencil, ruler and watercolour. He is the designer, I am just the "painter and decorator".
    That is my opinion.

    regards loenf
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    First off, really nice work! Also, even thought you didn't need to , it was very good of you to ask Ninjatoes, and respect him as the guy who did all the work in the first place.

    Good on you man, and there is such a thing as professional courtesy.
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