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    I am desperately seeking 2 models, that I am fairly certain were offered for free, but only to 'Easterners'. Forgive me if I'm mistaken but some of these Eastern designers seem a little uppity to me. I don't see Western designers restricting their models to people based on the part of the world they live in/ethnicity. I'm not saying they all are like that. The ones that do should take a note of 'uhu02', shame they can't all be like him. Anyway the two I am seeking are called 'Woman Warrior' and 'Han Mong Daughter' from

    If you have either of these and there is anything you are looking for PM me and I will gladly trade. Thanks!

    Pics included...

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    Wow!!!! I'm really wanna this Monster Hunter's papercraft!!!! There is other one, so amazing, the Kut Ku, but I can't find those templates......