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  1. I would kike to know if there is anyone willing to help me out with a design project. I have done a ton of research on the item in question. It is an architectural model. I intend to sell this commercially so I would like to have the rights to it as well. So, How much would such a project cost?

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    it would depend on the complexity and scale of the model. commisioning a quality model is not inexpensive...
  3. I have attached a photo for any who care to give it consideration.

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  4. Herod's temple including the temple itself and the two areas in front of it with the walls of course. The outer courtyard would be far too big. Maybe in the future. The walls of the temple were marble and to columns were topped with gold. I have done a ton of research already as to size, the most universally accepted design (it was torn down in 70 ce). Even the dimensions of the stones are specified. I may take it on as a hand drawn model. I found a 3-d model on-line, available for $20.00 for a start. It would need to be unfolded but it would take a lot of the work out of it. So considering that option maybe someone could at least give me a ballpark of what it might cost.

    Another option would be for someone to just unfold the 3-d model and I would do the artwork by hand.