Derby City Express hitting home stretch.

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    May 9, 2008
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    Louisville Kentucky is home to one of the greatest sporting events in the world - The Kentucky Derby. This summer, Louisville will be host to one of the world's greatest model railroading events - The National N Scale Convention!

    N Scalers from all over the world will converge in Louisville this June for The Derby City Express. This group will include nearly every aspect of N Scale railroading - collecting, modeling, layouts including NTRAK (Standard, oNeTRAK, beNdTRAK, TTRAK), Free-mo, 4 track, Nn30,home layouts, tours, special events, rail fanning, contests, vendors, rooms sales, manufactures - you name it & we've got it.

    Over the next several weeks this forum will see a series of posts on the convention. I'll do my best to monitor the responses, but if you need something specific please contact me directly or visit the website. This is one not to miss!

    Paul Downs
    DCE Production Co-Chair