Delta IV Heavy in 1/96th scale

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    Mar 17, 2004
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    I just uploaded some photos of my latest, a Delta IV Heavy, scratchbuilt in 1/96th scale. It's all card except for the three small bullet-shaped fairings over the propellant feedlines on the Common Booster Core centerbodies. I tried and tried and tried to get that shape in paper, but after several failures, I gave up and did it in plastic. I beg forgiveness....

    The model employs my standard skin-on-tube construction, with the skins being made from various grades of white paper and cardstock, as well as a ridged paper I found at an art supply store. If the nosecones of the strap-on CBCs and core CBC payload fairing look familiar, it's because they are "borrowed" from the parts for a card space shuttle External Tank. I re-sized and re-did the parts for my model.

    This was probably my most expensive card model to date, costing about $20, because the rocket body tubes I used for the CBCs came in such short lengths I had to buy about 10 of them. This is a big rocket, after all.