Decimal and Train Scale Convertor

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    Nov 14, 2005
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    I made this tool eons ago for Trainz modelers.

    * Convert imperial measurements to metric
    * Ideal tool for 3D Modellers.
    * Enter a measurement or select from the Auto calculate boxes

    New for version 2.0
    * Added Scale Up
    Got a favourite model and know its scale? Scale Up will help you get the
    models full size measurements.
    * Added Get scale
    This feature will assist you in scaling up a drawing from known
    measurements and give you the scale ratio for that drawing.
    * Added Convert from chains
    Quickly convert chains to feet inches and metres.
    * Added Help
    Simple Help added to make things easier (I hope).
    Screenshots and download link

    If people have aother scales that they use I can add these to the program.