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    I just exchanged emails with Wolv, and it made me think that maybe others might be interested too. I'm not talking about actual exchange of decals, but simply the graphics, with some background info on the fictional/non-fictional companies that are involved. MAKE SURE you include info on what format they're in.

    My decals are currently in Microsoft Publisher format. Info follows; if anyone wants a copy of 'em, just let me know. I'm sure some of you have also dabbled in the same, feel free to post info.

    (1) "TTH Wheat Kings" 3-bay covered hoppers, 47' long. These will be used on my layout for transport of grain/wheat, etc. They're sort of the incumbent railcar for transportation of same, and will be seen at all of my grain elevators. Cars are white, roadname HIPX (for reference purposes, my favorite band The Tragically Hip was the inspiration for these cars - "Wheat Kings" is one of their songs, and another phrase in the song is used as a slogan underneath the main logo).

    (2) "Solutia Inc." covered hoppers, same as above (I'm using Accurail's 112-2000 for both). These are for the transportation of para-nitrochlorobenzene (NO2C6H4Cl), used in agriculture, animal feed, dyes/pigments, engineering polymers, and rubber chemicals. Transported as yellowish crystals, the decals include the appropriate placard and NFPA diamond. Solutia Inc. is a prototype company (, although they were part of Monsanto at the time of my layout (1980), and do not have their own railcars in real life. Roadname: SIDX, cars are also white.

    (3) "Fourstates Alltank" covered hoppers and flat cars. I have one flat car and one covered hopper so far. The flat car decal is fairly boring of course, but the covered hopper has a kewl logo that includes a slanted "4" in purple. White cars.

    (4) "telenetresearch" (TNRX) is another fictional industry on my layout that produces plastic pellets. I have a plastic pellet transfer facility inbound for these guys. I have created four units so far, white plastic pellet covered hoppers (Walthers 62' plastic pellet covered hoppers). Includes data, roadname, roadnumber, and logo (green "telenetresearch" in kewl font with a darker green spiderweb behind the first part of the name).

    (5) "J. Clarke Refigeration" 57' mechanical reefers. I'm still working on these, as I haven't gotten any undec units yet. Logo as per thread on The Gauge.

    (6) Finally, a large trucking company, which I just posted info on in another thread. "Love Hewitt" acquired "Corwin Fastfreight" in 1973. Decals haven't been established yet, but they will be for containers and trailers, as well as a pair of GE U36C's.