DCC Component Mounting

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by davidstrains, Nov 10, 2002.

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    Aug 29, 2002
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    Hi to all,

    I am beginning to put my Digitrax DCC components together for the layout and wondered if any of you have any suggestions on preparing a mounting board.

    I am using the Super Chief set with 2 PM42's for 6 power districts and the turntable reverser.

    If you have a picture of your mounting board I would appreciate seeing how you did it.

    I have an area about 30" wide by 40" tall where I would like to put the power package under the peninsula, almost in the center of the layout.

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments.:)
  2. N Gauger

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    Dec 20, 2000
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    Well, we put ours on top of a Plastic "K-mart" storage bin with a piece of 1/4 " plywood cut to size (of container) on top.

    I think it needs good ventilation - not sure on this.

    Anyway, we just left it on the floor. It worked great - for a 100' long G-gauge layout!!

    ~~ Have FUN!!!!!! And Good Luck!! :)

    ~~ Mikey
  3. dwayne789456123

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    Nov 10, 2002
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    Hi David,

    I located my Digitrax components under my layout on a wire shelf I purchased from Home Depot. I too was concerned with ventilation for the components. The open wire shelf allows free air flow.

    The wire shelf is 18" deep, you know, the kind of stuff that is installed in new home closets. The wire is plastic coated, so if all is well nothing will short out.

    For the circuit board type components (like the PM) I mounted an insulating material on the bottom of the board, and set the assembly on the shelf. The PM board will not disipate heat, so insulating the underside will not be a concern. For suitable insulating material visit an electronic supply house, or as I did, a motor or electrical repair shop.

    Hope this helps.
    Dwayne A.