Cutter's goose 1/72

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    This is my first completed project redarding an airplane.
    THe kit is from FIDDLERSGREEN and it was free for a limited time.When i saw the CUTTER's GOOSE version i couldn't resist so i left all my other projects aside and jumped into it.I didn't do any research (something very usual to me)
    In later stages of work (after wings and fuselage were complited i watched some u tube videos and discovered some issues that need to be corrected such as the black areas of the wings between engines and fuselage and the extended to the front red areas on the sides of the fuselage.I decided to continue the project as a test built.After completion my model measures 1cm longer in wingspan and 1cm longer in lengh according to the real thing dimensions given on the kit
    The construction was quite pleasant and easy except of the engine pods that i wished to have 6 hands to hold them in correct place until the glue set (lack of expierence for me).
    I will rest from it for a while ,try to solve the inaccuracies and i will built it again.
    here are some photos how it likes like.

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    I have seen many build this, and I have to admit, this is one of the cleanest builds of this plane I have ever seen! Good job,Really Great Job!!! :)
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    Great job one this one of a kind goose from one of best short lived tv shows tales of the gold monkey great show great actors great plane and great comedy