Curtiss C-46 Wood and Paper

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    Hi Guys:

    Happy new year to all....................

    I know most of you don´t care about this, but anyway here it is:
    I will be selling short run "Solid Wood Scale Model Airplane Kits" this year
    and some Vacuform kits also.

    As you probably know around 55 years ago this type of modelling died, to the detriment of modellers, and plastic fakes took over the main static modelling world.

    I took a survey in 2004 and incredibly out of 1000 polled 352 were interested, 205 of these din´t have an idea what the hell I was talking about

    This is a lost "craft" since you do have to have to practise with at least 3 models to start getting the nack and start making real nice models. Their originality lies in many features : Learning to carve wood, reading plans, learning to use special tools and techniques.

    The combination of materials to work with like: paper, card, plaster, epoxy (for making radial engines) Plaster or Paris, wire, pins, thread, Bamboo(The secret material, you can make almost anything small like Radio antenas, old time generators, cylinders etc....Flying Wires for Biplanes are very easy to make and are perfectly strait and never nevr shwrink!!!) finally, from a block of wood get a beautiful model. Quite inspiring if you think about it. Something similar to making paper have to make everything.

    Very satisfactorily, like paper models, when you are finished you are proud. ...and an added bonus...You can make any aircraft that has been built in any part of the planet since aviation started...No other modelling technique can give you that!!!!... I am presently also making a Leo H-43, I think there are hardly any reference of it in Internet. or the Boing XP-9, P.108 Balliol,
    Ba 25,or the beautiful Curtiss Wright CW-19R , I can go on an on and I will probably die before I finish with the list ( You could do this with paper but you would have to be quite skillful making the paper round and odd forms....square planes would be easy).....with time and practise, like paper modelling, it gets into you like a virus..... And you learn to translate Pictures into plans and thousands of photos of airplanes can become models...( the technique is not too hard...again practise!!!)

    I can write several pages of this type of modelling so I Stop now!!!!! ....Yes like papermodelling.............Long and Hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are pics of the C-46.
    Scale 1:80 +-
    Wood: Mahogany





    Yup!!!!!...the wheels and landing gear doors are card....

    PS.....Strange this programs bombs out with four pics....they are not occupying any space on the server they are hotlinked....(hummmm, hummmm
    hummmm, this is a no, no in forums!!!)
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    Post your site link again, my hard drive went south and I haven't been able to recover that yet.

    The 46 does look good, but I think I'm going to give it a try in paper first. Koncho gave me an idea on the last build of his and I think I can make it work for this old workhorse.

    Since it doesn't have a stepped windscreen I might be able to pull it off.

    Anyway........what finish will you do it in........old USAAF green or maybe in another country colors? Green's easier.........but not as pretty!

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    I agree with John nice job.