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    In a previous post the CTC Board magazine Northwest Logging Railroad Series was discussed. Here is a list of the issues that the series appeared in.

    March 1986- Chehalis Western
    July 1986- Weyerhaeuser Springfield
    November 1986- St. Maries River
    February 1987- Canadian Forest Products
    May 1987- Camas Prairie
    January 1988- Simpson Timber
    June 1990- Oregon California & Eastern/Weyco Woods Railroad

    All articles have good histories about each operation along with lots of photos.

    One you have the issue with the OC&E in it, be sure to check out the following website:


    This is Rob Jacox's (from Bend, OR) page off of his western rails site about the OC&E. At the top of the page there is a four paragraph short history of the OC&E. In the fourth paragraph down there is a link to a word document that is the entire text of the OC&E article as written by the author (the version that appeared in the actual magazine is between 1/3 and 1/2 this length). I would recommend printing it out and settling down with your favorite beverage in your favorite chair to read through this article (when printed in MS Word, it comes out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 pages long). I do have to say that it is the best article I have ever seen written about any railroad.

    Other magazine articles that appeared in major railfan magazines that will be of interest to diesel logging railroad fans:

    The OC&E and the Weyerhaeuser Springfield operation were featured along with the Oregon & Northwestern Railroad (my second favorite railroad) in a pair of articles on Oregon's last logging railroads authored by Dick Dorn that appeared in the October 1992 issue of Pacific RailNews and the August 1977 issue of Railfan & Railroad. Although written by the same author and appearing 15 years apart in two different magazines, there is basically no overlap between the two articles, so it is worth it to get both.

    The OC&E was featured again (along with the Klamath Northern Railroad and the Great Western Railroad- NCO Division) in an article by Greg Brown titled "Tough Times in Timber Country" that appeared in the November 1990 issue of Pacific RailNews.

    An article about the last run of Weyerhaeuser Springfield appeared in the January 1990 issue of Trains.

    The St. Maries River has been featured in the July 1988 issue of Pacific RailNews and the June 1995 issue of Railfan & Railroad.

    Simpson Timber was featured in the December 1991 issue of Railfan & Railroad and the May 1997 issue of Trains. The R&R article is a good one, but the Trains article spends more space spouting extreme timber industry propoganda than actually talking about the railroad (although it does have good pictures).

    Lastly, the Chehalis Western appeared in a summer 1992 issue of Railfan & Railroad (I don't have the month in front of me right now).

    There are a lot of the old Pacific News and Western Railroader magazines that feature logging railroads as well. But this is a list of the recent issues in major magazines.

    Hope this helps, and enjoy.

    -JD Moore
    Elko, NV
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    Fantastic, JD, Thanks!,