CSX TCS Upgrade

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    I just posted this to the General Notices page of my Railroads of Madison County web site of http://madisonrails.railfan.net/

    CSX TCS Upgrade

    The B-Line, Avon Indiana to Cleveland Ohio, so called because of an almost straight line between the two cities, is now controlled by TCS (Traffic Control System), on all but 48 miles of the 283 total miles. This means that trains may run on a track or tracks in either direction by signal indication, rule 261. The remaining 48 miles is double track operated with Automatic Block Signals, rule 251, which allows movement in one direction by signal indication.

    With this change, CSX can now utilize this track to the upmost. From St. Louis to Cleveland almost 500 miles of railroad are operated under TCS rules.

    This was submitted to me by Maurice Lewman.