CSX in Bay Saint Louis, MS - Video

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    Hi all,

    Over the Easer weekend I spent sometime in Bay Saint Louis visiting family there. While there I decided to test out a new Hi-Def camera I was borrowing and filmed some spots around the CSX mainline at Beach Blvd. Caught a night train briefly and daytime UP passing by (my signature image). Since I was testing software too, it's got a little editing and music on it. I had so much fun with doing this video, and just amazed at the sharpness of the video with this camera, I've been tempted to buy one and start a new side hobby making train DVDs... :D

    Forgive the shakiness at the end, I didn't have the tripod. And the people you see at the end were just some "sightseers" who decided to stop right where I was filming. Bah. Definitely not rail fanners by how close one idiot was standing to the tracks. Didn't notice him until I turned the camera.

    Anyway..... This is a broadband recommended download if you want to check it out as the file clocks in at about 92.89 MB because of the high quality video used. The latest version of Quicktime ( http://www.quicktime.com ) might be required to view it.


    Or you can "right click / save as" from


    I sent it to Google for hosting hopefully, so if they ok it I'll update the thread with the URL. But I shouldn't have problem with bandwidth since I've got plenty.