Crash Victim's Leg Found 700 Miles Away

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    I saw this article on Yahoo! News. I didn't know exactly where to post this because it involves a Canadian National train, but it happened in the U.S...


    Crash Victim's Leg Found 700 Miles Away
    Thu Mar 28, 9:00 AM ET

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - The severed leg of a 69-year-old man killed with his wife when their van was struck by a freight train in Mississippi was found 700 miles away near Chicago, authorities said on Wednesday.

    Max Twiner and his wife Virginia, 68, died on Monday when their van was crushed by a Canadian National Railroad train at a rail crossing near Yazoo City, Mississippi.

    Max's leg -- with the boot still on -- was discovered caught up in one of the train cars upon its arrival in Harvey, Ill., on Tuesday.

    "It is a catastrophic collision when a train hits a vehicle," railroad spokesman Ian Thomson said, explaining the dismemberment.

    The accident is under investigation, authorities said.