Craftsnam's Model Railroad Supply

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    I learned just the other day that my favorite on-line shopping site - Craftsman's Model Railroad Supply ( - is closing up shop due to the owner's health and "current economic conditions". :cry:

    I discovered this place about a year ago and had intended - several times - to put something in the review section about the site's excellent visual and functional design, excellent and knowledgeable customer service, and rock-solid fulfillment. Plus the prices were very good.

    So consider this a :thumb::thumb: for the company - the upside is that there is a huge sale going on - though as it's been three weeks since it started, the cupboard's getting pretty bare. Nevertheless, until the time when the site closes, I would still recommend this company fully.

    If nothing else, at least check the site out for it's fine design.

    Bummer. :cry: