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    Oct 24, 2002
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    I am new to N Scale.
    I have just bought four Micro Trains tankers.

    They will not couple to any of my Locos or other rolling stock.
    I have three steamers. Tomix Type 9600.
    Micro Ace C 60
    Micro Ace C 57

    One diesel Life Like SW 9

    What would people advise?
    The steam locos are not listed on MT site for conversion.

    Create a coupling car with MT at one end and Rapido? at the other.?
    Sell the MT tankers?
    Or what?

    I am not that interested in magnetic uncoupling, but it would be nice.:confused:
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    Mar 25, 2002
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    You've listed most of the possibilities.
    Do you have lots of other rolling stock with regular couplers? MT used to supply some of its cars with the Rapido coupler; I don't know if they still do. Are the couplings truck mounted? You could trade a truck with one other car and have 2 converter units; trade a truck at each end and run the tanks as a unit.
    Do MT make a generic conversion unit that replaces Rapido couplings?
    When I was in N I wnt with MT on all my American stuff (as far as I could) and left the English and German stuff with Rapido, with a few converters.
    I've been out of N for about 20 years, so my current knowledge is sketchy.