Corning Branch, Syracuse Division, NYC story

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    Here is a brief excerpt from "Corning Branch, Syracuse Division, NYC", another article by Bob Stierwalt for the Railroads of Madison County Memory pages.

    This happened on a warm summer day in 1965 on the Corning Branch of the Syracuse Division of the New York Central railroad. Corning was a crew change point and trains operated from Buffalo, New York, Syracuse, New York and Suspension Bridge in Niagara Falls, New York south to Corning. Upon arrival in Corning a new crew would take charge and forward the train to Williamsport, Pennsylvania. At one time the New York Central between Corning and Williamsport was double track but one track was removed making the railroad single track with controlled sidings so trains could pass…

    Bob Stierwalt became a fireman with the New York Central in the early 50s when he got the call to fire a run from Anderson to Elkhart. You can read about it on the Memory pages of the Railroads of Madison County at: There is a direct link at the top of the page.