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    I really like htis idea and thought I would get it going in its own thread. Its similar to the challenge thread but more specific.

    I'm too new here to make suggestions but I'll throw out a thought. In the world of free flight, groups do what they call "cook ups" which amounts to someone suggesting a topic/theme and whoever chooses to do so, takes part in a thread where everyone is building a model to the theme. It might be "Build a Marek kit", "Build a WWI tank", "Build a 1/144 scale model"...basically anything that narrows the 'thought' to a point where the participants are dealing with similar problems/solutions and where participants have common interests. It really serves well to stimulate conversation and provide motivation to build/display lots of models.

    Cheers --- Larry (Larry Marshall)

    I think this might be a reasonable idea to consider. I have noticed on some of the plastic forums I researched, that those who participate recieve some sort of "patch" to place in their signature box. I kinda like this idea. Goes along with the idea of group builds. Thoughts?

    Ray (texman)

    It could give those budding graphics designers something to do for making a lot of different patches too. Of course the person who starts the thread would get to choose what the patch(es) might be. Maybe multiple patches depending on topic - say if you are building a wwII british fighter (and decide thats the patch type) you could give out a plane patch and RAF symbol. etc etc. I do think that only new builds would be eligible for a patch so everyone starts on a level playing field and we dont have some starting with a billion patches straight away. (but they could post their old pics to help keep the thread going if so desired) This is of course just a thought ;)

    It would also give people ideas as to what they want to build next as suggested - especially if we can come up with a basic picture submit plan that includes, maker, dificulty etc etc. Once again thats just an idea. Kinda like the portraits on the kartenbau site but not nearly so detailed.
    Chris (me)
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    I might have went off the deep end but hey, just brainstorming :)