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    Mar 23, 2001
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    I use a number of controllers.

    A CDA Twin pack controller including power unit. Cost $189 new. (Australian made) Good variable control with 17 V AC 1.6 AMP accessories output I use for turnouts.

    A PWM (Pulse Wave Modulated) controller that I built from a kit. (Cost $10). This needs a 12 v DC input source. ($5 from the hock shop). Good smooth control using contant 12 V DC with "pulses" of 12 V DC at a varaible rates for speed control. Very good for low speed operation. However I now use this for variable control of the lighting on the layout. Apparently PWM is much better and gives longer globe life.

    A 2nd hand Power Mite Code SMS - PM single controller 240 V AC input (No AC output) with fwd/rev on a single control knob. Great for yard work. Cost $15. I note my Power Mite controller does not seem to have any "short out" protection in it. It just get's awful hot, and wont work. Just turn it off for a while, and let it cool, and it seems OK. My Power Mite (with .36 AMP output) is really only sufficient for a single loco.

    So I think it's up to you which controller you get. Controllers are VERY difficult to "burn out" I would also look for the cause of burnout as well. Overloading may do it (running multiple loco's from the same controller). If this is the case, then a more powerfull controller than the Power Mite would be needed.


    All $ values are $AUS. $/2 for $US.

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    Hi all,

    have just burnt out my very basic "Power Mite" controller.
    Am looking to replace this with an Atlas Custom Power 1700.

    Is this product any good or are other similar products better ?


    Grant Iddon