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    thats lame , contest didnt last very long... no one even has any good logo's lol...... o well ill give it to RCdrift =( i couldnt get my scanner working in time to post my submission , ill post it if anyone wants to gander at it . o well , i wanted that shell to =( ima browse through the forums somemore , later all, and thanks?
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    savaskeet dude, I'm looking for a logo too
  3. Rod-Styley

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    savaskeet? explain! hehe

    btw how do you post a picture on a forum , total forum newb.
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    Re: wha

    The easy way to post a picture on a forum is do the following:

    *[​IMG]* place the page that links to the picture you want to post where the ....... are.

    Or you can alt+p to place an image.

    :D Hope this helps.
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    Re: re:

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    Re: re:

    Un.. still waiting to see yours...

    Also, remeber. This is a LOGO... not fancy picture with all kinds of stuff on it...
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    Re: wha

    Let's have a skeet = show me

    I could have said savabutchers instead...
  8. SpArKeY_STi

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    It should be skee... Skeet = Sex

    And whats savabutchers?

    Lets have a... what?
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    ok well it took me a while to develope hte pictures of me doing drifts in my car ... so i spend barley 5 minutes scribling on a printed picture so its not very good but still creative compared to some of the Cough* entries cough* in my opinion. tell me what you all think or dont think ... i dont care... [​IMG]

    i dont even know how to do this .... i hope it works if not i gotta type all that once more..
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  12. Rod-Styley

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    /me scratches head

    im a newb.

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    Go to Click browse, find the file name, and click open. Then click "Host it!". Then copy the first URL and paste... thats it.
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    Hey Rod, can we not try to critisize others so much???????????
  15. SpArKeY_STi

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    Well, just wait till we see his. Im not going to crit it if its good, but if theres any flaw... expect some major cirt! I also dont think its right to cirt when you dont have one and cant get it on the forum...

    So just wait... Im thinking the pots calling the kettle black on this one so far...
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    ...butchers, or butchers hook, cockney rhyming slang for LOOK

    Rod, upload your pic to my gallery and use the url of where your pic is as the code to stick between [​IMG] you have to use a remote address (www.etc..) not a local address (c:\etc...) otherwise it'll not show (unless you're hosting locally).
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    sorry for the critisim but its all in good nature beleive it or not . i always try to inspire competition... but i didnt spend much time on it since im toooo late... BUT if rcdrift decides tehy like the idea , ill do a good job this time lol. i printed pictures then drew on them , then took a picture with my friends digi camera to scan it so.... its a 5 minute job lol. please do critisize it as much as you can , only help me make it better.

    and sorry for being a meany.
  18. SpArKeY_STi

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    Uhhh... so wheres the pic?
  19. Rod-Styley

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    ok well the picture is on my computer and image shack says its being reconstructed or soemhting.. im such a newb. ill just email someone , already emailed guy but he didnt seem to respond. maybe it sucked after all? hehehe o well . sorry for suckign really badly , but ill get it eventually.

  20. SpArKeY_STi

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    e-mail it to me at Corey(NOSPAM) Just remove (NOSPAM)