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    Hi there,

    I'm enjoy reading this thread, many idea and suggestion around here, i agree with Masamune about own style, own technics, own method too. depend on beginning someone begin with drawing in 2D and he will find very useful technics to make his 2D drawing work well and fast. I'm begin doing 3dmodel with MetaSeq and try to find very best technics on MetaSeq. why MetaSeq? because it is free and easy in my opinion. i have try AutoCAD before and im very confuse :? im not good at in math too :oops: so i try to work with MetaSeq and i'm lucky that Pepakura support .mqo what is a MetaSeq's format...last version of pepakura or known in Tenkai is not support .mqo I have try Rhino too and i thnk Rhino is powerful program to create 3dmodel, unrollsrf is very useful and very effective only 1 thing i dont like Rhino is Rhino is NURB program, Rhino alway make everything smooth...why smooth is no good? Smooth model mean monster polygon (huge of polygon in model) and monster polygon is not good to unfold or unroll. but as Mesamune said own technics, own method, find method that associated with your style. if u found here, many guy excite to answer or solve your problem :D

    i have attach a picture of unfold job in pepakura, pepakura can export unfold job in .BMP, .EMF and .EPS i use only .BMP for trace in Coreldraw. dont give up everybody. we wait for your cool work now