Comments or Recommendations on the GBH power trucks

Discussion in 'Traction Thoroughfare' started by johndmuller, Nov 2, 2006.

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    I am planning to power some Corgi PCC models and I was looking for some advice on the choice of power trucks. I have checked out a number of possibilities on the web, and aside from the price, which at $149 are many times the cost of the Corgi, the GBH offerings look attractive as best one can tell from photographs on the web. They may be viewed at this site:

    A major advantage to me is that they are designed specifically to go on a Corgi model, and they appear to maintain a suitably low-to-the-ground look, especially compared to the look that MTH PCC's seem to have (for my money riding much too high off the ground).

    Another possibility, the Bowser, while less than half the price, seems to also be unrealistically high, not to mention the motor being prominent in the interior of the trolley.

    I am also aware of the BlackBeetle and BullAnt options, but while they look promising from the point of view of keeping the motor (mostly) out of the interior, I am not sure what wheel and motor specifications I would need to specify and/or how they would look installed in a PCC shell.

    I have not yet decided whether I want to go 3 rail or 2 rail with or without overhead power and whether any of the power trucks are flexible across different choices - most of them seem to be configurable between the power sources at the manufacturer at least, but I wonder if any are reconfigurable by me if I want to later change power. I am leaning on trying out a 3-rail version to get my feet wet and minimize my investment (the only O guage track I have is 3-rail and I wouldn't need to mess with polarity reversing issues), but an serious consideration is how small a radius I can manage, and I dont know if I can make a 2 foot diameter turnaround circle in 3-rail flex track.

    Another (future) consideration is likely to be DCC compatibility - presuming an ultimate 2-rail setup - are any of the possibilities favored (or even possible) with DCC?

    Thank you all for your consideration of this.

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    Hellow John and welcome to the gauge.
    I am very pleased to know you are interested in traction
    The Corgi PCC is a very good choice , although they are slightly under O gauge no one counts the rivits. I have one and hope to motorise it soon.
    Now then first are you anywhere near Toronto?

    The Horshoe O gauge are the guys who do great work in modeling O scale traction and will have their modular at the Christmas show.

    They have Corgi PPC running and can get all the parts.
    Here is the Link to 2005 show

    Look through and you will see a King street Corgi PCC in the barn.

    Let me know where you are located and I can get there info for you to contact them after the November show.
    We run off the overhead. and I know DCC is used by a few Traction guys, I wll be looking at that soon.