CN Super Continental vestibule view movie

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    Hi all,
    When I used to travel from coast to coast aboard the CN Super Continental, I used to spend most of my time looking out the upper half of the open vestibule door. I use to watch the engines out front and listen to them as they took me closer to my destination.
    This movie here was taken with a cellphone camera placed atop a flat car and aimed at the engines. Quality isn't terrific but it does give the impression of looking out the "trailing" coache's vestibule door.
    The baggage car is a modified Con Cor baggage that's been custom painted.
    The power is supplied by the 2 FPB2 units, both P1K and speed calibrated with Decoder Pro.
    The lead is a dummy FPA4, no sound but am awaiting for some sound decoder's for install.
    Have a look here: YouTube - CN Super Continental vestibule view
    Here are some others: YouTube - CN Super Continental engine view
    Movie's shot on my friends layout.
    I had to stop at the tunnel entrance as the "phone" oversized cargo wouldn't fit.
    Hope you enjoy.