Chrome VIP Tuning ////AMG

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by JDM_Drifter, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. JDM_Drifter

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  2. Nick S.

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    i would hate to crash that car :lol:
  3. driftsleeper

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    the paint job is badass, bro
  4. vectra

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    Did you use Alclad Chrome paint m8 ?
    If so.
    What backing did you use ?
    I got a tin of alclad chrome today to discover it needs Black waterbased paint under it....!!!
    Can I not use normal black polycarbonate spary ? ( Or even some other color) :?
  5. rcdrifter

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    When I have used the alclad chrome in the past I have always used Fastblack back as the backing simply because the polycarbonate and lacquer based paints react with the chrome badly.

    Alternativly instead of using fastcolor, I always buy createx from the craft stores. Its the exact same thing and If I recall correctly is made by the same company but half the price.
  6. 90 degrees

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    i think im blind from that paint nice job