Christmas train Frosty info 2004

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    This just in From Desiel John.

    Now hear this---------------

    CANADA 2004 HOLIDAY TRAIN - Frosty
    St Therese,PQ to Port Moody,BC


    St. Therese, Quebec Sun 05-Dec ES 1630 ET A 113 Turgeon Rue (street)
    EF 1700 ET St. Therese, Quebec
    LV 1715 ET

    Smiths Falls, Ontario 05-Dec ARR 2100 ET Event
    ES 2115 ET A Smith Falls Train Station
    EF 2145 ET Overnight 63 Victoria Street
    06-Dec LV 1400 ET Smith Falls

    Mon 06-Dec ARR 1600 ET stage at Bellville East siding
    Belleville 1815 ET for 1815 arrival at event site Event
    ES 1830 ET A South Church Street railway crossing,
    EF 1900 ET south of Dundas Street East
    LV 1915 ET Belleville

    Trenton 06-Dec ARR 1945 ET
    ES 2000 ET A Event
    EF 2030 ET Railway Crossing on R.C.A.F Rd.
    LV 2045 ET North of the base

    Toronto 06-Dec ARR 2315 ET Overnight
    Tues 07-Dec LV 1200 ET

    Mactier 07-Dec ARR 1545 ET Event
    ES 1600 ET A Old CPR Station
    EF 1630 ET Mactier
    LV 1645 ET

    Parry Sound 07-Dec ARR 1730 ET Event
    ES 1745 ET A Museum Train Station
    EF 1815 ET 1 Avenue Rd
    LV 1830 ET Parry Sound

    Shawanaga 07-Dec ARR 1845 ET
    ES 1900 ET B Mile 40.85
    EF 1920 ET
    LV 1935 ET

    Sudbury 07-Dec ARR 2145 ET Event
    ES 2200 ET A VIA Train Station
    EF 2230 ET Overnight Elgin Street
    Wed 08-Dec LV 1015 ET Sudbury

    Cartier 08-Dec ARR 1115 ET Crew Change
    LV 1130 ET

    Chapleau 08-Dec ARR 1545 ET CPR Train Station
    ES 1700 ET A 50 Dufferin Street
    EF 1730 ET Chapleau
    LV 1745 ET

    White River 08-Dec ARR 2115 ET CPR Train Station
    ES 2130 ET A 102 Winnipeg Street
    EF 2200 ET Overnight White River
    Thurs 09-Dec LV O900 ET

    Mobert 09-Dec ARR 1000 ET Event
    ES 1010 ET B Across from Band Office
    EF 1030 ET Mobert
    LV 1040 ET

    Heron Bay 09-Dec ARR 1145 ET CPR Old Train Station
    ES 1200 ET B Beside ESSO Building
    EF 1220 ET Heron Bay
    LV 1230 ET

    Marathon 09-Dec ARR 1300 ET Beside Curling Club Pkg Lot
    ES 1315 ET B Stevens Ave
    EF 1335 ET Marathon
    LV 1350 ET

    Schreiber 09-Dec ARR 1530 ET CPR Yard Tracks
    ES 1545 ET A Cenotaph beside Harvest Food
    EF 1615 ET Cupboard building, Schreiber
    LV 1630 ET Crew change

    Nipigon 09-Dec ARR 1815 ET CPR TMS Buildings
    ES 1830 ET B Across from Nipigon Inn
    EF 1850 ET 60 Front Street
    LV 1900 ET

    Thunder Bay 09-Dec ARR 2100 ET CPR Train Depot Track #
    ES 2115 ET A 440 Syndicate Ave
    EF 2145 ET Overnight
    Fri 10-Dec LV O715 CT Crew Change

    Ignace 10-Dec ARR 1015 CT CPR Train Station
    ES 1030 CT B Ignace
    EF 1050 CT
    LV 1100 CT

    Dryden 10-Dec ARR 1320 CT
    ES 1330 CT A CPR Entrance corner of
    EF 1400 CT Queen Street & Earl Ave.
    LV 1415 CT Dryden

    Kenora 10-Dec ARR 1615 CT CPR Old South Yard
    ES 1630 CT A Across fro Wholesale store
    EF 1700 CT Enter from 8th Ave South
    LV 1715 CT Kenora

    Whitemouth 10-Dec ARR 1915 CT Railway Ave across from
    ES 1930 CT B Whitemouth Hotel
    EF 1950 CT
    LV 2000 CT

    Winnipeg 10-Dec ARR 2115 CT Molson Street
    ES 2130 CT A Btwn Panet Rd & Munroe Ave
    EF 2200 CT Overnight Winnipeg
    Sat 11-Dec LV 1615 CT

    Portage La Prairie 11-Dec ARR 1715 CT
    ES 1730 CT A Opposite Centennial Arena
    EF 1800 CT 301 - 3rd Street NE
    LV 1815 CT Portage La Prarie

    Brandon 11-Dec ARR 2015 CT Across from CPR Station
    ES 2030 CT A 1000 Assiniboine Ave
    EF 2100 CT Overnight Brandon, Manitoba
    Sun 12-Dec LV O900 CT

    Broadview, SK 12-Dec ARR 1200 CT CPR Train Station
    ES 1300 CT A 1 Railway Ave
    EF 1330 CT Broadview
    LV 1345 CT

    Indian Head 12-Dec ARR 1450 CT
    ES 1500 CT A North side of tracks behind Shell
    EF 1530 CT Indian Head
    LV 1545 CT

    Regina 12-Dec ARR 1645 CT Stadium Parking Lot
    ES 1700 CT A Taylor Field
    EF 1730 CT Regina
    LV 1745 CT

    Moose Jaw 12-Dec ARR 1830 CT 3 Manitoba St. West
    ES 1845 CT A West of CPR Station
    EF 1915 CT Overnight Moose Jaw
    Mon 13-Dec LV O915 CT

    Swift Current 13-Dec ARR 1145 CT A 3rd Street & North Railway
    ES 1200 CT East of CPR Station
    EF 1230 CT Swift Current
    LV 1245 CT

    Medicine Hat 13-Dec ARR 1545 MT Queen & N Railway Street
    ES 1700 MT A East of CPR Station
    EF 1730 MT Medicine Hat
    LV 1745 MT

    Brooks 13-Dec ARR 1915 MT 1st Ave. Rear of Civic Bldg.
    ES 1930 MT A Brooks
    EF 2000 MT
    LV 2015 MT

    Calgary/Alyth 13-Dec ARR 2345 MT Overnight
    Tues 14-Dec LV 1000 MT 12St switch depart 1000

    Red Deer 14-Dec ARR 1330 MT Crew Change
    LV 1400 MT

    Lacombe 14-Dec ARR 1430 MT
    ES 1445 MT A Between 46Ave & Hwy 2A
    EF 1515 MT
    LV 1530 MT

    Ponoka 14-Dec ARR 1615 MT 50th St. at 47 Ave
    ES 1630 MT A Ponoka
    EF 1700 MT
    LV 1715 MT

    Leduc 14-Dec ARR 1815 MT Extra Foods
    ES 1830 MT A 3915 50 Ave
    EF 1900 MT Leduc
    LV 1915 MT

    Edmonton/South Edmonton 14-Dec ARR 1945 MT IKEA
    ES 2000 MT Overnight A 4210 Gateway Blvd
    EF 2030 MT Turn Train Edmonton
    Wed 15-Dec LV 0900 MT

    Red Deer 15-Dec ARR 1145 MT
    ES 1200 MT A CPR railyard
    EF 1230 MT Edgar Industrial Dr.
    LV 1345 MT Red Deer

    Olds 15-Dec ARR 1500 MT
    ((School Performance)) ES 1515 MT A 52 St. at 49 Ave
    EF 1545 MT Olds
    LV 1600 MT

    Didsbury 15-Dec ARR 1620 MT
    ES 1630 MT A 19 St. at 18 Ave
    EF 1700 MT Didsbury
    LV 1715 MT

    Airdrie 15-Dec ARR 1800 MT **30 min set-up for 1830
    ES 1830 MT CBC National Feed** A Nose Creek Park
    EF 1900 MT Main St., East side of CPR tracks
    LV 1920 MT Coordinate Festival of Lights

    Calgary 15-Dec ARR 2000 MT A
    ES 2030 MT **Note 45 Min event** Fox Hollow Golf Course
    EF 2115 MT off 32 Ave NE
    LV 2130 MT

    Calgary/Alyth ARR 2145 MT Overnight
    Thurs 16-Dec LV 830 MT

    Cochrane 16-Dec ARR 930 MT
    ((School Performance)) ES 945 MT Between River & 4th Street
    Chamber of Commerce EF 1015 MT Behind Provincial Building
    LV 1030 MT

    Canmore 16-Dec ARR 1130 MT Between IGA and Safeway
    ((School Performance)) ES 1200 MT A Canmore
    ***tbd Mayor Casey*** EF 1230 MT
    LV 1530 MT Stage @ back track

    Banff 16-Dec ARR 1615 MT
    ES 1630 MT Norquay Rd. closed A CPR Station
    EF 1700 MT for overlength on crossing
    LV 1715 MT

    Field 16-Dec ARR 1915 MT Crew Change Thru
    LV 1830 PT (-1 hr time change)

    Golden 16-Dec ARR 2000 PT Across from 7-11 Store
    ES 2115 MT Golden town time A 10th Avenue
    EF 2145 MT Overnight Golden, BC
    Fri 17-Dec LV 1215 PT

    Revelstoke 17-Dec ARR 1600 PT
    ES 1630 PT A CPR Station
    EF 1700 PT 127 Track Street
    LV 1715 PT Revelstoke, BC

    Sicamous 17-Dec ARR 1830 PT
    ES 1845 PT A NW corner of HWY #1
    EF 1915 PT at Silver Sands Rd intersection
    LV 1930 PT East of Draw Bridge

    Salmon Arm 17-Dec ARR 2015 PT
    ES 2030 PT A CPR Station
    EF 2100 PT 51 Lake Shore Drive
    LV 2115 PT Salmon Arm, BC

    Notch Hill 17-Dec ARR 2245 PT
    ES 2300 PT A West of Tappen-Notch Hill Road crossing
    EF 2330 PT Overnight Set off Track
    Sat 18-Dec LV 1545 PT Notch Hill

    Chase 18-Dec ARR 1615 PT
    ES 1630 PT A North Side of Shuswap Ave across
    EF 1700 PT from Chase RCMP Detachments.
    LV 1715 PT West of CPR tool sheds

    Kamloops 18-Dec ARR 1800 PT
    ES 1815 PT A East Side of Thompson Park mall
    EF 1845 PT 6th Ave / Lansdown
    LV 1900 PT Kamloops, BC

    Ashcroft 18-Dec ARR 2045 PT TMS Building
    ES 2100 PT A Railway Avenue
    EF 2130 PT Ashcroft
    LV 2145 PT

    North Bend Sun 19-Dec ARR 0050 PT Overnight East of TMS Building
    ES 1200 PT A Across from Bunk House
    EF 1230 PT North Bend, BC
    LV 1415 PT

    Aggasiz 19-Dec ARR 1600 PT West of HWY 9
    ES 1615 PT A Across from Agra Center Poineer Ave
    EF 1645 PT Agassiz, BC
    LV 1700 PT

    Haney 19-Dec ARR 1830 PT Across from Billy Minor Pub
    ES 1845 PT A Maple Ridge BC
    EF 1915 PT
    LV 1930 PT
    Port Moody ARR 2015 PT Port Moody Station
    ES 2030 PT A 65 Williams Street
    EF 2100 PT Port Moody , BC
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    Any of those stops bring it by Pensacola, FL? ;)
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    Dont think so.....