Chinook Dragonfly Pro Tandem

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    Jan 30, 2008
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    Selling this Chinnook and an extra one with it. The extra was purchased unbuilt for spare parts in case of catasrophic crash lol. I wasn't quite the pilot back then that I am now. Still. No crashes at all. I started building the extra one using Hornet heads but mostly the stuff from Tech Models. I'm selling LOTS of other stuff with this including a Micron micro-mini heli (take off from the back of your hand) This one is NOT an airhog silliness piece but the real deal just made small. REALLY SMALL.

    This one is not for the hands of beginners by the way and I did have a hard landing and lost a control rod which I"m sure is in my wife's vacuum at this point.

    I'm trying to sell these and even more as one sale so if you get in touch with me at I can send u pic's and exactly what I'm offering here. In short, I'm selling about $1,000 dollars worth of air craft and electronics and looking to give a bargain. Will sell to best offer but have no problem halving the actual worth here.

    Trying to make money to get another Chinook style, Twinn Rexx (which seems always out of stock so I'm not the only one salivating for this one lol)

    Thanks for your time