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  1. nekmiyevo2

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    can someone post a list that has all kind of 1:10 chassis is for beginners, middle class, and professional?
  2. rcdrifter

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    Do you want the roar sanctioned chassis for racing or just the level of expertise that would be needed to drive one ?
  3. nekmiyevo2

    nekmiyevo2 Guest

    the level of racing
  4. SpArKeY_STi

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    What level of racing, Club Spec, or Big Spec classes?

    Basicly you have it like this...

    TC3 / 4
    Pro 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
    TRF 415
    MR-4TC SD

    All those are the Most Used, Heard about, and advertised cars. Those are fairly "not user friendly" as they take a lot of careing for. You have to tend to the diffs, do rebuilds &c, and it can get dirty sometimes. Unless you dont mind learning (by reading the manual, buying mags, searching google) and pratice, i DO NOT recoomend one of these. You MUST care for them to keep them running in top conditions. Neglecting these is BAD! they will be TRASH if you neglect. Most any car that doesnt look JUST like those, is a non noob car. There really isnt differnt levels of car. Its just if you can tend to them, if you will tend to them, or if you just dont really care. Anything other then those basicly doesnt require care much.
  5. nekmiyevo2

    nekmiyevo2 Guest

    but some of the are really old, right? I don't see any parts for them

    another question: if I buy a middle class chassis and fully upgrade it, will the level be the same as the porfessionals? or close?
  6. SpArKeY_STi

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    No, those were all taken from the July 04 issure of RC Car Action. They are the "Hot Tourers" of 04. They just sometimes have to have parts ordered stright from the factory or from your LHS.

    I am lost at where you are getting this "Middle Class" "Pro Class" stuff from. If you ask me, i have been racing RC Cars for about 13 years now. My first "Hobby" level car was a Team Associated RC10T Gen 1 Gold Tub Chassis. And i just learned my way threw it all. I dont see much difference between any Hobby rc car. And buy Hobby level car, i mean not one circut board, something you buy from Toys R Us or something. So i dont know what you mean with the "Pro Level" and "Middle level" cars to help you.
  7. nekmiyevo2

    nekmiyevo2 Guest

    O, what I meant is how good the skill is.

    and, "They just sometimes have to have parts ordered stright from the factory or from your LHS. "
    what's LHS?
  8. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    That still doesnt make since. The skill of what is? The car is only as good as the driver.

    LHS = Local Hobby Shop
  9. iGuy

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    Sooooo hummm ,... errr what is a HPI Pro 3 be considered as ?
    Middle class beginner ?

    I know its a wierd chassis but i love it all the wieght in the middle =)
  10. SpArKeY_STi

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    This is kind of a take it slowly thing. The car has it in the name... HPI PRO 3. To me, its like this...

    Tamiya (minus the Touring Car Nats winner car) BEGINNER
    HPI (Minus the Pro Series, and R40) MODERATE
    XRay, Team Asso, Team Losi, Trinity - PRO

    Thats basicly it. Theres really no "begginer" differance. To me, these are hobby level cars, and they take some skill and knoledge to operate. So i call these "Hobby" Cars. Stuff from radio shack, Toys r us, ect, those are "Crap". They are fun none the less, ill admit i have over 100 of them, (litterally), however they take no skill or knoledge to operate. The only differance in "Hobby Level" cars is the set up (belt, shaft, Mid, Side, Touring, Nitro) diffs. They are all the same cars, just some are more tuneabile then others, making them more complicated to get presice control over when you are first starting out. Take Droop for example. It is on ALL CARS! However, in hobby level cars, mostly just the more advanced expecsive ones, its tuneable. Making it able to drive to your style. Its not the car that wins a race, its the driver.
  11. iGuy

    iGuy Guest

    Well done my man !!!

    Now,.... But you said minus the Pro, Does that mean my Prois a pro level car?
    If not which is a really nice car comparing weight and battery wise with the Pro 3.

    I am looking for another RC with all the wieght in the center just like the Pro 3.

    and i dont like the battery side ways in the chasses.
  12. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Pro... Is PRO. Its not just a name...

    As far as centered weight, TA-03, and the TT-01, (or most any tamiya chassis) is going to be centered with weight. as far as cars not having the sideways battery, its the Pros, Tamiya, and Off-road cars :roll:
  13. iGuy

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    Hahhaah okie dokie ,..... jsut had to get that clearified on what i got LOL

    Soooooo whats jellin ?
    So quiet in here. where is the ultimate place to be for rc drifters nowadays ?

    Drift meet in New Orleans Metairie, West esplanade, opposite to Sports academy. (Post jack !!!)
  14. SpArKeY_STi

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    The ultimate place is right here... just no one relizes it.
  15. iGuy

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    yeah you do reply fast. faster than any other site.

    I just found a hobby shop that is specialized in touring cars.
    Instead my old hobby shot that is specialized in trucks.

    I am gonna dump the truckers for the speeders hahaaa

    Muahhshhahahahshhahahah ,.... sorry had to share dat.