Charlotte Greenberg Show

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    Hi All:
    The Atlantic Coast S-Gaugers will be bringing their 40' x 40' modular layout to the Charlotte Merchandise Mart this coming Saturday and Sunday, 10-4. If you want to chat about S-Gauge, or if you're too young to remember the "Gilbert Hall of Fame" and wonder what all the fuss is about, come on down and help us run all those great accessories that Gilbert, and truth be told, Lionel and MTH) have made over the years to thrill and excite the young at heart.

    Be forwarned, prototype operations at our layout involves loud horns, whistles, an' hoots, r e a l l y ff aa ss tt ttt rrr aa ii nn sss running at breakneckspeeds and for you romantisists, smoke,....may just get in your eyes.

    Also, for you little gaugers, (read HO) the Sippin 'n Switchin' Society of NC will be there. They are like the anti ACSG club. Very cool detail and module building standards to die for. Check this out:

    Have a fun weekend y'all. I will!