Changing Direction of Train

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  1. The main line is a dual cab, I have everything wired, and all the blocks,it is wired common line. I only can run the trains in one direction utilizing either Cab controllers, I need to install on each Cab a DPDT toggle so that I can change the direction of the train. Can some one send a diagram on how this is wired, and where does each wire go to what. I have tried every different wiring and I can't get it right. Thanks


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  2. I did receive a diagram of the wiring of a DPDT toggle.
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    Hi John
    Didn't I just email you the diagrams for DPDT switches.?
    If it was for someone else, let me know.
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    John, Yep... welcome to the "short circuit/dead track" club! I have a fab book "Small-Scale Model RAILROADS" by S. Blackwell-Duncan 1991 by TAB BOOKS.
    It dedicates a chapter to track wiring, and gives easy methods to follow to determine blocks, insulation points, pole switches and how to wire it all up, including reverse loops. It gives great flexibility for multi cab ops on a single track, including direction.

    Teh basic concept is to only power the "feeder" side of turnouts.
    Power on this side only. ---/---

    Follow you line even through other "feed" pats of turnouts. when you come across your line going into the "leg" part of a turnout, go back to the previous tuernout, divide the track length in half and insulate. Place powere feed only in the "feed side" of the turnout. WHen the turnout is swithed, then the pwer fed to the "feed" side will also power the track you have switched to.
    Teh book... LIbrary of Congress Cataloging? (I think that means something in the US?)
    Duncan. S. Blackwell
    small scale model railroads / by S. Blackwell Duncan
    p. cm.
    includes index
    ISBN (invalid) 0-8306-3581-1 (p)
    1. Railroads--Models. 1. Title
    TF179 D86 1990
    625.1'9--dc20 90-37850

    Means nothing to me.... Does it to you?
    I can scan it and put it on my website for you?
  5. Woody. That is great help, I had a book on wiring but somhow I lost it. or let some one borrow it and never got it back, I went to a hobby shop but they did not have the one your are talking about.