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    I have 2 or 3 card models of this wonderful helicopter, and I believe I got at least two of them off of the forum here from other members who were more than willing to share their finds or point out to me where to get the models. Problem is, both of the said models have less than exceptional instructions, so for a newbie like myself, it is difficult to determine how the bulkheads assemble and how the general assembly of these helis should go. The first file I have is a pdf file called iafm_ch_53 and it is 18 pages of parts with a diagram or two showing the exterior construction with no reference to interior bulkheads. The second kit I have is two pdf files labled Stalion_1 and Stalion_2 and it appears to be of a ch-53 Pave Low. I believe there was a brief technical sheet on this second model in the downloads section here on the forum, but not as detailed as I would like. I also purchased a CH-53 that shows a copyright by Steve R. Bucher's digital Card models, but again there are no detailed instructions, but only a diagram with exterior assembly. My question to the experts here on the forum is, does anyone have any detailed instructions or a build diagram for any of these models, or is there possibly a simpler CH-53 model that can be purchased that has a sort of fiddler's Green type style to it that one would recommend that I start on? Any help would be greatly appreciated!