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    I have observed the UP8862 (SD40T-2), UP3492 and UP3488 both SD40-2's on the California Northern trackage at Suisun, California. This is unusual in that CFNR has its own fleet of GP15-1's and a GP30 and and SD40 from AZRC - Arizona and California (RailAmerica Companies)

    The power is tied down on the wye leading into the Budweiser plant. All three engines are in UP and from what I have gathered (but not verified) is that the tunnel motor is in its orginal SP road number. This is NOT a patch job.

    Best guess is that Napa Pipe Company has an outbound load expectedly shortly out of Napa (served by CFNR in Napa) and due to the extreme weight of the loads thus the extra power needed to move the unit train to its destination.