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    Hi everybody i just got my self an old cesa 1882 ,i bought it has spares or repairs because it was missing its prop .
    Inside the the boat is a old futaba esc mc112b ,a futaba two channel receiver Fp-R102GR ,also a futaba indirect drive servo Fp-S148 and two 700rst stock motors by abc hobby.Oh and two 7.2 1700mah battery packs wired together .
    Now i have tryed this boat once and it ran fine for awhile untill the batterys were dead but when i took the top off the boat it was quite hot .
    Since then i have recharged the batterys but this time when i put the two batterys in the boat one of them began to smoke and all the leads were very hot .
    I have checked the batterys to make sure i have not over charged them and the one that smoked is at 7.85 while the other one is at 7.67 .My guess is its the speed controller ,can anybody tell me what other type of speed controller i could use .I belive that the futaba mc112b speed controller was not made for a boat but a car .
    Any help would be much appreciated .I dont know anything about rc boats .