cerawler kit from Cyana

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by seti51, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Well after a long deliberation, I finally purchased the crawler kit from Cyana. This is going to take a while to build. It is in 1/96th scale. I am resizing it to 1/72nd scale for my plastic shuttle and stack kit and to 1/144th for my smaller ones. As soon as I get this alien computer from turning itself on and off and doing what it wants to do, I will post build pics. I will do the 1/96th first. Whew, a lot of little pieces. I am sure to get a headache from this one. But it looks like it will be a great project.

    on another note, I have begun assembling Alfansos ISS. This is going to be a great thing of beauty to hang from my ceiling. I was disappointed with the long awaited ISS kit from Revell. They still are producing the 2000 configuration as it was planned back then. You would think they would update the kit to the current configuration. Too much to ask for , I think.

    Anyway, I will get photos posted as soon as I can.
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    i wish you good luck with your crawler...

    followed the build and construction thread at the german forum (kartonbau.de) and i must say, i really like this kind of models, but i probably would buy it, just to put it somewhere in my collection (like most of my plastic model kits i got....)

    anyhow...looking forward to seeing pics of your crawler....good luck again