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    Hello zealots, just getting around to introducing myself.

    I design flight worthy card models in light weight paper and found the Zealot website while Googling how to outfit my 17.5 g Se5a airframe with suitable electric propulsion and TX/RX. Very knowledgeable member Schorhr has been giving me lots of good advice since I started a thread about my way quest way back on 09/29. Any other micro RC experts willing to lend an ear and some advice?

    Here's a pic of the bird, wingspan about 1 foot, fitted with working rudder, elevators and ailerons. Glide ratio about 8:1 when ballasted to 25 g. Looking for the following package: brushless motor, prop, speed controller, receiver, 3 servos and battery pac. Total weight of all the above not to exceed 22.5 g. Total package cost (including TX) not to exceed $100 US. Schorhr has proposed a very attractive system built around the hobby partz 6 channel system 2.4 GHz TX/RX, but there may be problems getting it to work a 3.7 V (want to keep battery weight low).

    Can never get enough geniuses, so please check out my thread "Need advice about ..." up near the top of the RC airplane threads. Check out Schorhr's cool quadcopters too!:thumb:

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    You have 30 postings?..... Well welcome aboard, you must be a stowaway!... Good model, when you get it to fly, do not forget to take some photos so we can also enjoy the fruits of your labor. Have fun, enjoy and see you around the forums.