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    Dec 13, 2011
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    ...a pleasant day to my fellow modellers here...its my first time here in this site but i've been doing this hobby for quite some long time already, but being in the construction industry i haved temporarily pause for a while, only recently when i,m more than 4 years her in the arid regions the love to make scale models return back to me when i was strolling in a hobby shop..unfortunately they don't sell card board models..there i started returning to what i like doing most since i was a 7 year old bud who happened to made an almost a 1:75 size model of the then popular japanese anime robot VOLTES V and DAIMOS out of a number of cardboard back of a grade one school paper pad..since that time because where not that financially well-off..i was among the underprivileged kids who wanted a toy like that, but the talent of building scale model gave birth when i was fondly watching the tv show every afternoon after i rushed from school...then on i made a career out of it since in the architectural business needs a presentation of scale model sizes..right now i'm in the process of finishing my ever first space battleship the EDF SBB YAMATO...hope to have some exchange of ideas here with you guys..enjoy the passion and fun of building miniatures...whooahhh!:wave:sign1
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    :welcome1: to the forum! You know you have to post pictures of your Yamato build! We'd love to see them, Don't hold back! :)