Canadian Trains etc.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Andrew Wallice Matheson, Dec 31, 2000.

  1. Andrew Wallice Matheson

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    Dec 24, 2000
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    Hi Everyone, Dec 31st, 2000, 14:25 Hrs.MST.

    I know I sound a bit Biased etc, But I do
    Like Candian Trains more then say American
    Trains. Guess its because I live in Canada.
    I'd like to see 2 Boards - 1 Canadian &
    1 American. Say Healthy Competion, and We
    can Always Hope Back & Forth to see What
    our Associates on the Other Side of the 49th
    R Talking about. I Like things such as
    B.C. Rail, C.N./G.T.W./D.W.& P./C.V. Plus
    O.N.R. and Regional Short Lines etc.
    These Are some of my Railraod Interests
    so I guess it Varied some what. I mode C.N./
    G.T.W./C.V. plus B.N. so I guess My Loyalty
    is to C.N. No Bad feelings I hope. Just I
    wanted to say a Few Words. Oh Yes, Were does
    this Board Originate out of. Just Wondering.
    Have a Great Week Everyone.

  2. Dave Hagan

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    Jul 23, 2001
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    Hi Andrew, A Canadian forum was also suggested by Matthyro below. What we decided to do was create one USA+Canada forum until such time as numbers/traffic justify having two seperate forums.

    Cheers Andrew
    Dave Hagan
    The Gauge
  3. George

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    Jan 2, 2001
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    Thanks for the division. Thinking it's warranted, let's hope that traffic proves it.

    Hello Andrew. It would seem you like just about everything north like I do. As one noted personality in the hobby once told my wife; "I suppose it all depends on what we grew up with." And indeed he was correct.

    I have a question for you Andrew, and all Hoserphones and Hoserphiles alike! [​IMG] I've been looking for Canadian decals for years and have had to settle on making my own signs from ads and photographs.

    Does anyone make decals for the following;

    Canadian Tire.
    Petro Canada.
    Humpty Dumpty.
    Metro (Gasoline)
    Tim Horten's
    Irving Ltd.
    White Rose.
    Canadian Highway Signs.
    Signs or billboards in FRENCH.
    Billboards for Canadian cigarettes.
    Signs for Canadian banks.

    Also, has anyone north done a run of 48' Canadian Tire containers? There's certainly enough on CN & CP rails for there to be a demand, and Irving tankers as well.

    I've been wanting for years to make a Petro and a CDN Tire. Has anyone,and do you have any pictures if you do?

    Looking forward to seeing what this reels in. So folks, grab an Export and a bag of dill pickle chips and lets have some fun!