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  1. AE86 Drifter

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    Hey anyone out there
    Anyways i figured that i would discuss camber for drift car setups.
    I run with -4 degrees up front and -1.5 in the rear
    I realize that RC drifting will bring many new people into this hobby.
    The best way to measure camber is to purchase the RPM camber gauge from your local hobby shop or on an internet hobby shop. The RPM camber gauge is quick and easy to use. Other alternatives include full car setup boards that can help you set up all suspension properties such as camber, caster, toe in , toe out, ride height, etc. These are going to be mkore expensive than the 10 dollar RPM gauge but way more useful in the longrun. I wouldnt suggest a setup board if you just plan on drifting but some may want to use it. These boards are made by Hudy, Trinity, and others and range from 80 to 120+.If anyone has any other succesful camber settings please suggest.I would be glad to try them out. But also consider i am not using drifter tires ofr PVC pipe . I only use real rubber tires [/b]
  2. mfzero

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    i'm going to see if my local shop has one of these this weekend :wink:
  3. rcdrifter

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    Yea the rpm camber gauge is awesome, its cheap and does help alot better than second guessing it..

  4. shawnalex8

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    i run about 2 degress in the front and none in the back
  5. SpArKeY_STi

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    I run about 1 in the front, and 1.5 in the rear. Thats my race setup and im to lazy to switch it out to drift...
  6. tsispyder

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    what about toe in nad stuff? anyone run a little teoe in to turn quicker in the front?
  7. SpArKeY_STi

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    I Havent had much time to experament, but i did play with it for a little bit one day. I found it hindered my turning ability because it seemed to give me less seering throw. But thats only cause i dont have a drift track so i just drift objects in circles. That and the fact that when i was experamenting my friggin Servo was broke. Basicly the case broke from the ear things... But it still held it on enough to turn...
  8. tsispyder

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    yeah i found that a small amount of teo in...i.e half a turn on each turnbuckle....actually improved turn in on my car....but htast more race setup...i dunno about for drifting..i know it made it a tad more agile but i still have to find a place that carries abs...this pvc isnt very grippy at all
  9. SpArKeY_STi

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    Try Lowes... Thats where i got mine...
  10. tsispyder

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    yeah i tried home depot, but all the had was i had to maek due...lowes isl iek 20 min away lol
  11. driftsleeper

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    if you want easier oversteer throws...put 0.5-1 degree of toe-out in the rear. that helps a bunch if your using rubber tires. not much effects with pvc though.
  12. Guest

    toe-in will hinder turn in and give the car a feeling of slight understeer but safer but slower through corners (in my 28 years experience)

    toe-out will aid turn in and give the car a feeling of slight oversteer and a bit loose but quicker through corners (my preference on any car on or off road)

    ...loose is fast is the old adage

  13. driftsleeper

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    toe-out rear is the one that gives a slight oversteer. if toe-out is applied in the front, it slightly delays response time.
  14. iGuy

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    How do ppl make their car spin on their midpoitn of the car ?
    Not like in a circle but their car is spinning it self in the center poitn of the car,....
    Even though it dont loook realistic,... is till tryin to figure out how they do dat. the most i can make my car spin is around the center of the front tire where one tires stays put on the ground and the car spins around it

    Any specific camber for dat ?
  15. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    nope! Just gota have PVC/ABS/Yoks and AWD
  16. VDubbin

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    Isn't that the point though?

    crank it left/right, mash the throttle, and hold it there!
  17. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    In ways. If you watch D1 and such, they still use soft grippy tires. You need traction, that way if you get in a bind then you can get out with grip.
  18. rcdrifter

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    No the point is to have as much grip as possible but enough power behind it to break it loose when you need to. Drifting is about power and control, with r/c drifting pvc has become popular because its cheap and you can slide around like you where on ice.

    However with the yokomo rings and the hks tires comming out they are migrating more towards the essence of real drifting and thats a setup suspension and traction wise that will allow for optimal angle, attack and enough power to able to break loose in a drift but catch traction at the end.
  19. 69stang

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    the yokomo drift tires will give you speed and tractin whene u need it and slip when u need it so it works out better