Caernarvon Wards

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    The Dover Publishing Company printed early cardmodels on very heavy, glossy card stock. After spraying the sheets with a matte spray, the towers and walls were constructed. However, when it came time to glue the wards (courtyards) in place, they were hopelessly ill-fitting. Rather than lose the project, the printed cobblestone walkways were cut out of the grassed ward pieces and set aside. The wards were then built up platform style with risers underneath. The walkways were then glued back in place. (Many had to be recut and repositioned to correspond to the doorways and open areas.) The surfaces of the grassed sections were then painted green. A green adhesive was applied and model grass was sprinkled in place. Later, sweeping with a camel hair brush, the excess grass was removed and the walkways swept clear.
    The result was a lush dark green lawn far superior to the printed grassed areas.