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    So this is one of my currently 3,5 other projects....

    It will be a bunch of 4 maybe 5 airplanes, some with derivates.
    Overall scale will be 1:33....
    finishing, oh a good question, i really think it would take some 2 years for all, but alas this is a petproject... and if it rains like late then ... we see

    The first small assemblygroups are ready, but nothing of really significant.

    As i like some guessinggames... there will be no real headline

    so there we have a escape-pod of two of the airplanes and two wepaons...

    one is a GAR-9 or a AIM-47, intended for the interceptor and the other....

    oh my *gasp* a WMD i found ;-) it a Mk-53 intendet for the bomber....

    So i think there is not much more for guessing, but i can't other ;-)

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