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    Paper sample kits are a great way to find appropriate materials. Back when I was in skool for Graphic Design, I sent away to all the major paper companies for samples. I received boxes and boxes of samples in every kind of weight and consistency. Since the rise of the internet and the increase in paper costs, they aren't in the same frequency, but they are still there. Neenah Paper was great for corrugated or patterned texture stock. There have been some consolidations of late, but check your local quick printer to see what THEY have in there swatch books.
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    Other inexpensive building supplies:

    - Many, many sources of cardboard (cereal boxes, etc, etc, etc...)
    - Scrap plastic (styrene) from signmakers can sometimes be had for the asking
    - Dollar store - popsicle sticks, coffee stirrers, matches, and other crafty supplies
    - has sample kits of brass shim stock, veneers, cedar shakes, and also sells micro-dowels (1/8" and 1/12")

    - my favourite - thick foil from around wine bottle tops makes excellent 55 gallon drums and other "scale" thickness metal. 'Course you have to buy the wine first, but that has other benefits. ;)

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    More custom made loads:
    1. railroader9731 gave me the idea of using coffie stirs for pipes and balsa wood for lumber loads. He also inspiered me to think a little and heres what I came up with.
    2. Use plastic drink straws that you find at the grocery store and cut them to the desired length and then paint them what ever color you want. Then use balsa wood or cut popsicle sticks up into small pieces and use those for the spacers between each pipe verticaly. Then you could tie them off with some sort of string of very small chain (A-Line sells tie down chains)
    3. You can also go to your local hardware store and just browse through the entire store looking for things that might be usful or make very unique loads for truck trailers, flatcar loads, and around industrial areas on your layout.
    4. Another pipe idea is that you could get small sprinkler pipe and use them around construction sites or on flatcars to simulate big drainige or sewer pipes.

    I am going to experiment with these things and I'll let everyone know how the went. I put some pics of them on the web site to.