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    Both! The whole process. I'll put it into .pdf form and will place it in the tutorial section in our Resource section.

    This really is Non Euclidean Math, and is hard to do in CAD. If I had a starting point, I could probably figure it out, problem is spheres don't flatten out, so I would have to find something faceted to use with a globe in mind. I think I just figured out how to do it! :);)
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    That would be a great resource.
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    I've shifted to modeling Jupiter while making edits to my novel to come out next February.
    For the skin, I've modified the planetary icosahedron models designed by Calvin J. Hamilton. My plan is to decoupage the map skin in place and then paint over the top of it. The image isn't as high resolution as I'd like and I hope painting it will take it up to the level of fine art. I hope to enter my work in art shows more maybe sell my work in a gallery. I need to pick up some illustration board panels to work out the painting. I also need to make some decisions about color. On my screen, the colors come out orange. Printed they come out purplish. I not sure which colors are true. I may try alizerine crimson, panes gray, and yellow ochre. Currently I'm modifying the jpg bit maps to fit a curved surface using the liquid repel tool in CorelDraw.
    20160627_6856 (457x640).jpg
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