Build your own Federation and Mirror Universe fleets!

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    I'm happy to announce that a long-term project of mine has finally come to completion.

    Almost two years ago I started building paper models using Rawen's fantastic files. That led to my first attempts at repainting by tweeking those models to have better markings. Then I got an idea that seemed simple, but took forever. I love what Franz Joseph did with the Starfleet Tech Manual. So, I've created files that allow you to build every ship in every class from the manual, based on Rawen's original designs. Each file contains all the parts you need. For the Heavy Cruisers I've included additional repaints that include the hull markings used in TOS and TOS-Remastered. These are the files I used to create all the Constitution class ships, which you can see in a previous post of mine.

    When that was done, I decided every good hero needs a villain. Since my favorite ST villains are from the Mirror Universe I made a mirror version of every Starfleet ship. The "design" of these ships is mine, but you can mix and match parts however you like. Since part of what I do is writing, I took a lot of time coming up with appropriate names for each mirror ship that would induce terror as they flew by.;)

    I had a lot of fun making these files and hope to see some of your builds in the future. A big "Thank You" goes out to Rawen for designing such great files and for letting me post my repaints. Another big "Thank You" goes out to @zathros for all his help in getting these files into a usable form and getting them posted to the site. They are currently available in the Resources section. Examples of my builds are attached in this post.

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    You have done an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JOB on all of these!!!
    I think that Franz Joseph would be VERY PLEASED with the work that you have done to bring all of these ships to "LIFE"!

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    great! going to check them out right now!
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    These look fantastic! I used to read my old dog-eared Starfleet Technical Manual over and over when there were very few Star Trek references available. It's great to see these come together.
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    The detailing on these models, and the different liveries of the ships is phenominal. Incredible, and scalable, because of the high resolution. This is a real collection in the fullest sense. :)