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    May 13, 2006
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    Hey Folks

    Well im back again. Sadly life obligations and work pulled me away from my layout as well as this forum....but im back for good. And, as comin back with questions...

    Ive decided to do my layout in the dead of winter. Im talking COLD. Now, I want to model snow packed track/roadbed. However when I went to buy ballast the other day to ballast my yard, I was informed that white ballast does not exist. Why is this? How can I model snow? Should I just get a light ballast and paint it white?

    While im at it, does anyone make snow groundcover or am I stuck using that cotton matt stuff?

    Any help or advice is always apprecieated!

    Great to be back folks!

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    Jan 8, 2006
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    Hi Play-Doh, nice to see you back again :wave:. Here is a link to some pictures of a very nice snow layout. Hudson Rd -

    I remember that there was a thread on the Atlas forum on snow layouts a while ago, so you may search this forum for "snow layouts".

    Woodland Scenics offers "Soft Flake Snow" (item # SN140) to create winter scenes.

    And this quote from a post of our fellow Gauger Russ Bellinis might help you:
    "I just spent some time looking at the Model Railroader wed page, and Jan 1996 has an article "How To Model Winter." It isn't mentioned in the blurb on the contents of Feb. 1996, but if memory serves it was a 2 part article so you would need both issues. I did a second search and found another article titled Modeling a Winter Scene Jan 1980"