Britten-Norman Islander BN-2A, free 1:36 paper model

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Bob43, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Back again ! The Britten-Norman Islander has always been a project of mine , but I don’t quite know why. Not very special to look at, but I think it must be the romantic in me – this braver little plane battling winds in the North Sea just for a bit of island-hopping, and that is what it is, an Island-hopper. Many of the pictures on the ‘net show this plane a little bit lop-sided (wind!) , landing on some Northern German island’s windswept runway.
    Anyway, have fun with this 1:36 paper models on .
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    Hey Bob, nice to hear from ya! This is a great plane to have modeled. I made one many years ago. The link is dead now, and it was far more boxier than yours is. These things glide nice, if weighted out right. Thanks again for another great model! :)