Book cover: Tristan Bay Accord

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    I'm on track for bring out my next SF novel in February 2017. The manuscript is with an editor for the second round of line editing, so I've shifted back to cover art. The book is science fiction romance but the romance community doesn't like my stuff, too much science fiction. With the cover I've got a old style romance clinch on the front (Modern Romance is nearly all semi nude male torsos) combined with digital painting which looks like old style sci-fi(modern sci-fi is going with stock images or a graphic look with shallow perspective) The full human figure in foreground with deep perspective should say science fiction. That and the two moons. I may add some stars to make it more clearly science fiction. The pink and jade colors are probably going to appeal ore to a female readership which if fine for this book. I suspect the cover will turn off a lot of guys. The last book, The Fisherman and the Sperm Thief, was more guy oriented.

    My style is surely out of fashion, but I think it's best to be out of fashion to avoid becoming passe.

    Here's my progress. I did much of this in December and then set it aside. I use Sketchbook Pro, Adobi Illustrator, and CorelDraw. The images are square because I do it at the maximum size allowed by Sketchbook Pro and then crop to size. e-book and POD take slightly different proportions. On the POD books the image will have a couple of inches wrap around. Doing a full wrap around doesn't seem worth the trouble, and I dislike text over image for endorsement blurbs and book description. I went off on a digression with putting in houses, but it was going to take a huge amount of time and not add much. Better to keep things simple.
    Tristan bay cover image 01 (640x640).jpg Tristan bay cover image 11-22-2015 (640x640).jpg Tristan bay cover image 12-02-2016 (640x640).jpg Tristan bay cover image 12-11-2015 (640x640).jpg Tristan bay cover image 7-7-2016 (640x640).jpg Tristan bay cover image 7-11-2016 (640x640).jpg

    Book description:
    Orphaned social revolutionary Annon wants her own clan, and she’ll do nearly anything to get it, including making a deal with the queen of Fenria. In exchange for recognition of Clan Noahee, Annon agrees to anonymous sex with a man who will father her child. However, the man refuses to impregnate Annon, insisting she must love him first. In clandestine meetings, he goes about seducing her, pleasuring her, and winning her affection. All the while, political factions attempt to drive the couple apart. Annon must trust her man, protect her child, and find her own way among amidst the deadly intrigue that racks the Fenrian royal family.
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    Geez Lizzie, that's Beautiful. I could make a "Bas-Relief" type cover for you, something like this (You could do it too, I'm positive! Very Bottom pic was of an encounter with a long time friend. I eventually deconstructed her in my mind, and put her back together, she loved it, by the way. :)

    Alvis1 - Copy.jpg

    Bas Relief.jpg BAS-Relief parts.jpg