BOC Gas Transload

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    This should be a relatively simple thing to model.

    The siding, a former mainline, has room for probably 10 compressed gas tankers. This location seems to supply liquid carbon dioxide, and load it into tractor trailers. I never saw a rig actually there, but I didn't often go during working hours. So if you're unable to find an appropriate tanker truck, it won't be too big of a deal


    This is just a simple F250 Flatbed. You can see the steps going up to the top of the tanker. There are pipes coming down the outside of the steps, the hoses are just for connecting to the railcar and the truck. That small machine is a single cylinder vacuum pump, either for pumping out the residual product, or possibly for pulling a vacuum on the tractor trailer.


    I presume that the large, beat up looking pipe is a purge vent.

    The transloading truck should be a simple thing to cobble together, just the steps and the hoses would be a fine representation.

    The gravel lot was quite large enough for a couple semi's to turn around, and wait in.


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